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Who is the RIO Cycling Club?

Whenever I ride I look for other cyclists on the road, and when I come across them, I wonder who they are. If they are wearing team clothing I wonder what their club or team is like, and wonder about the people who make up their group. Are they doctors, firefighters, teachers, craftsmen, or sales people? Do they race, or do they ride recreationally? Do they commute by bike, or are they weekend warriors? Are they brand new to cycling or do they have way more experience than me?

A lot of people see the RIO club out on the road and whether they are cyclists, pedestrians, or motorists, I bet many of them wonder who who we are. I am proud to ride with such a diverse and well-rounded group of people that make up the RIO Cycling Club. We are in fact teachers, sales people, public safety officers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, brewers, attorneys, government employees, physical therapists, social workers, architects, and so much more. We are grand parents, parents, and children. Some of us have lived in New Mexico a short while, others are part of families who have been here for a very long time.

RIO cyclists are people who have found value in cycling whether to get more healthy, have fun, or find adventure. And RIO finds ways to give back to the community it is a part of. RIO maintains a two-mile stretch of highway 313 between Albuquerque and Bernalillo, NM, walking it several times each year to pick up and bag litter. RIO cyclists will be manning the Double Eagle rest stop at this year's Albuquerque Century ride, in order to provide weary cyclists with a place to stop, rest, and get more fuel for their ride. RIO responded with an enthusiastic "yes!" when asked by a local Albuquerque company to participate in its employee health fair. And each year, RIO club members donate bicycles and helmets to children and families in our community and to other communities around the world.

RIO is a wonderful group of men and women who know how to have fun, know how to be friends, and love to ride. So Albuquerque and New Mexico, say hello to the RIO Cycling Club! We love our community, and we look forward to cycling with you!

RIO Cycling Club Party Photo

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