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Want to ride with us?

Riders should have some riding experience and be in good physical condition. The Club format is road-bike based.  Bicycles should be in good mechanical condition, and riders should be adequately prepared with extra tubes, tools, CO2/pump, water and food.  Helmets are mandatory and both ear pieces for electronics and aero (tri) bars are not allowed.


Before you come out for a ride with RIO, please download and read the RIO Riding Style Guide here and bring along any questions you might have to be addressed by a RIO ride leader.



Pedaling with RIO

Ride length, destinations and routes are determined at the meeting place at the start of each ride by board members and/or ride leaders. Routes are based on the number and abilities of the riders who show up, weather conditions, and time constraints. In general, the more riders who show up for a ride, the more flexibility there is to have a ride that will meet the needs of all. So come out and ride!  Finally, there is one rule on the Saturday rides: nobody gets left behind. Slower riders might get dropped for a time; those who come off the back will eventually be regrouped!  On Sunday, be prepared to hang on and ride hard!


Please note: Saturday and Sunday ride locations can change; members are apprised of any changes thru the private member email distribution list and private facebook group page.

Ride Details


When: Suspended indefinitely due to the Coronavirus-19 outbreak. We'll update this as soon as the rides resume.


Where: Starbucks 2451 San Mateo NE at San Mateo and Prospect across the parking lot from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.l.


2451 San Mateo NE


Early arrival enables riders to get what they might need for their bikes, including minor adjustments and supplies.


What: the minimum distance a rider should be able to ride is 50 miles at around an 18mph pace (wind direction and speed, slope, and other factors impact the actual pace).  Slower riders might get dropped temporarily, but they will be regrouped up the road. On Saturday, no rider gets left behind!



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